Dienstag, 22. Mai 2007

...we love the SUMMER feeling and lots of sunshine and flowers (like in april this year !! )
...but now its cold and rainy and NO chance to do some beach portrait in Denmark (like we planed last week..)...I realy would LOOOVE to live in California and get some sunshine.....



Anonym hat gesagt…

Congratulations Dear Sweet Gaby!!=)

I am sooo not surprised as you are such a CREATIVE mommy! I am always asking myself...hmmm..."what will she do next!"=)

Thanks sooo much for sharing apart of yourself and your adorable family with us!

I will be watching and as you know will see you again soon!

Hope the sunshine returns! LOVE Denmark!

Big Smiles & Hugs
Michelle & Felicity

nina hat gesagt…

Liebe Gaby !

Schön ist er, Dein neuer Blog !
Herzlichen Glückwunsch !!

1000 liebe Grüße